ACAS Guidance for ‘tellers of bad news’

With the number of employers who are having to face the prospect of making staff redundant, the strain that this places on the ‘tellers’ has been recognised by ACAS.

The ‘redundancy handling’ guide identifies the people who pass on the news of redundancies in an organisation as ‘tellers’ whose role it is to act as the link between decision-making management and affected staff.

“Tellers expect a difficult time from employees at risk,” says the guide. “Yet even so, many still struggle to cope with the range of emotion they face and must confront, sometimes over months, on top of very long hours.

“How well the tellers handle the role can determine whether the redundancy process becomes more difficult, or goes more smoothly than expected. It can also affect how staff staying feel about taking the organisation forward and how it performs in the future.”

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