Embracing the next challenge as HR promises to make a difference

Jenny Jones, Director of Eagle HR, is this focus of this month’s ‘The Big Interview’ with the Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

Her role as Director of Eagle HR is the latest stage in the career of the Head of Employment at law firm Harrison Clark, which has 220 staff and partners based in Worcester, Cheltenham, Hereford and Ross-on-Wye, as well as offices in central London and Birmingham.

An extract of the interview is shown below, but read the full article in Business Direction or at the Chamber website.

Extract from the Big Interview:

Jenny believes that HR can play a crucial role in helping companies survive and thrive.

She said: “Sound HR advice is not just about avoiding the fall-out when things go wrong; it’s also about reaping the rewards when things go right.

“A well-motivated, skilled, diverse and engaged team of people, working together, without the spectre of internal conflict, will achieve great things for any business.

“But very few can honestly say they have all their HR bases covered.  When things go wrong, how many business owners really know the most effective ways of solving these problems without damaging their business or ending up fighting costly tribunal claims?

“Great HR support is abuot helping managers to get the very best out of their people.  This means high-performing staff, committed managers, happy clients and customers and a successful business.  It sounds simple – but anyone who has tried it will know that it’s not.

… Eagle seeks to provide services to deal with all those challenges but Jenny sees one of its major strengths as offering access to senior HR professionals backed by employment lawyers.

Jenny said: “The unique thing about Eagle is the quality of the service we can offer, giving smaller companies access to highly experienced commercially-focussed HR practitioners that they could not normally afford.


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