Top 5 Tips For Managing Staff During The World Cup

With the first match due to kick off on Thursday 12 June, employers would be well advised to start preparing for the football fever that will inevitably grip the workplace.

Our 5 pre-match tips are:

1. Consider offering temporary flexible working. With matches scheduled for late afternoon, you could consider earlier start and finish times provided staff appreciate they will have to make up any missed hours.
2. Encourage staff to take annual leave especially in light of later matches which could mean hung over or even staff under the influence the next day! However, ensure that you treat competing requests for leave in the usual way.
3. Manage staff’s expectations by being clear on what is acceptable. For example what is your policy on wearing team shirts/scarves and online betting?
4. Remind staff of your equal opportunities policy. Although such events usually unite the workforce and boost morale, employers should be alert to discriminatory or offensive behaviour.
5. Inform staff that sickness absence will be closely monitored during the World Cup and that you will hold a return to work interview following any period of absence.

And no matter what fervent football fans say, there is no ‘legal right’ to take time off to watch matches.

If require further information please contact Elaine Fisher at [email protected]