Rio 2016 Olympics. Lessons from Euro 2016

Well it’s almost that time again. Hot on the heels of Euro 2016, the Rio Games are almost upon us. Bring on the anticipation, the excitement, the cheer and of course… the “sickness”!

You may already be experiencing an increase in sickness absence across your workforce due to Euro 2016, but unfortunately it could only get worse! Between 5th and 21st August 2016, you (if you haven’t already) may feel the frustration building as a result of one-off sickness absences throughout your workforce due to Rio 2016 Olympics.  You may find that your staff call in ‘sick’ after a late night of celebrations or to watch their preferred sport at home. Whilst you may have your suspicions that absences during this period may not be genuine, it’s important not to jump to conclusions and think the worst.

So what can you do to manage sickness absence during this period?

  1. Ensure you have an up to date Sickness Absence Reporting Policy;
  2. Ensure your staff are aware of this policy and how they can access it;
  3. Know your ‘trigger’ points;
  4. If you do have your suspicions, make sure you conduct a fair investigation process.

So what’s to say even if your staff do attend work when they’re supposed to, they’re actually going to be productive?

Staff can be motivated by the smallest things and so why not introduce some of the following whilst the Olympics are on:

  1. Flags / banners – make the workplace look more attractive and show your support to Great Britain!
  2. Flexibility with lunch/break times without it having a detrimental effect on the business;
  3. Allow staff to watch the Olympics during working hours – show the Games on a TV during breaks or allow staff to watch those ‘important’ races at their PC;
  4. Flexibility with working hours or ask staff to make up the time lost during the day.

Most importantly, be clear and communicate with staff what your expectations are whilst the Rio 2016 Olympics are on.

If you would like support on implementing a Sickness Absence Reporting Policy, updating your current policies or advice on how to communicate your expectations effectively, please contact our team of HR Consultants on 0808 168 5780.