When dyslexia impacts performance

So, you’ve recruited someone new into your team. All seems to be going well until you receive complaints from the rest of your team, and customers, stating that the new employee is making mistakes.

When you discuss your concerns with said employee, they inform you that they are struggling with their new role due to their dyslexia. You think, “Well, if they can’t do the job then I’m going to have to terminate their employment.  They are still in their probationary period and their performance isn’t good enough so I can do that without worrying about any claims.”

STOP!  Dyslexia can be a disability depending on how it impacts on the employee. Failing to recognise this and, where necessary, put reasonable steps in place to support the employee within their role, may result in the employee bringing a claim for disability discrimination.

So what should you do instead?

As an employer, you must consider all reasonable steps in order to support the employee within their role.  A few may include:

  • Providing appropriate ICT software;
  • Additional supervision; and
  • Medical assessments

It’s important to remember that Dyslexia should not be mistaken for poor performance. Each case is different and what works for one employee, may not work for another employee.

If you are unsure on what you should do, contact our team of Independent HR Consultants for straightforward, commercial advice on 0808 168 5780.