Baby, it’s cold outside!

With further weather warnings across the UK this week, many employers, schools and other institutions are already feeling the fear – what about the big event we have planned? Its payroll cut off, what if the payroll team can’t get in? We are already short staffed because of a flu outbreak, how will things get done?

Whilst it’s tempting to hide under the duvet from the onslaught of freezing temperatures and biting winds, the best offence is a good defence. Start your plan today for the snow day tomorrow. Here are some hints and tips of things you can do to minimise disruption in your workplace:

  • Make staff aware of their options if they are unable to attend work, is it unpaid, are they able to take it as annual leave?
  • Are there particular people in rural areas that you are aware cannot normally attend work in the snow, if so, what are their priorities for the next few days and how can these be covered?
  • If you have a Severe Weather Policy in place then remind staff of this and draw their attention to it.
  • Can you consider home working for some employees? This way the day job can still get done and urgent requirements prioritised.
  • Is there a possible H&S concern here? With the wind chill possibly being -15 degrees (brrr!), is your shop floor safe to work in, are there extra measures you can take with clothing or heating that need to be arranged now in readiness?

Eagle HR are not scared of the cold and will be on hand to help and advise; this isn’t the first time we’ve braved the snow (see blog below!) and our priority is to see you safe and productive!