Customer Service

My partner and I are fans of a small, intimate restaurant we have found. So when we heard they had recently started to expand and opened a second restaurant we thought we would give it a try. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to our high customer service expectations!

There were very few staff working, and those who were, seemed frantic. We were seated at the table but had to wait for it to be laid around us, despite having booked in advance. We then ordered our drinks and waited for menus to be delivered, just the drinks took 40 minutes to arrive! Normally I would have left at this but being in the centre of Bath on a Saturday night would have meant going hungry…not happening.

The food was actually very tasty and nicely presented, but the service really let the whole experience down. How many times does this happen to us where the food is actually delicious but due to bad service we choose never to go back. Not only did this restaurant loose future, returning customers but they also lost revenue for that evening based on angry customers demanding refunds, less drinks being served and people not staying for dessert. I also imagine their trip advisor feedback isn’t very complimentary! 

In a refreshing change today, I had the complete opposite experience to this. The Eagle HR team went out for a team lunch and received great service. The waitress asked us if there was a special occasion that we were dinning out for, she then suggested prosecco to celebrate. A very subtle way of planting a seed in your brain and made us want to drink it (obviously we opted for fizzy water)! Also on paying the bill she enquired as to where our office was, due to being in the same block she gave a 25% off discount card for future visits. There are a lot of restaurants locally so a great trick to make us return, great selling technique in a subtle way. 

Eagle HR are working in conjunction with Sandler training to provide Strategic Customer Care training. Strategic Customer Care program is unlike any training available. This is not a “quick fix”, short-term solution to success. It provides long-term, incremental reinforcement training and coaching to ensure a return on the training investment. Sandler techniques are unique. They differentiate you from your competitors. Proven technical skills, positive attitudes, and productive behaviours are also developed to effectively implement winning strategies.

The training sessions commence in June, you can find more information about how to sign up