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Customer Service

My partner and I are fans of a small, intimate restaurant we have found. So when we heard they had recently started to expand and opened a second restaurant we thought we would give it a try. ... more

Are you paying your staff correctly?

Today we have seen a number of high profile companies including Wagamama, TGI Friday’s and Marriott Hotels, named and shamed for failing to pay their employees correctly and have had to make ... more

Meet our team on International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, we thought we’d ask our team (as we are all women!) a few questions to get to know them; What advice would you give to your 20 year old self? Don’t ... more

No employees in the hotel today, due to the snow!

This week we have seen freezing weather conditions hitting most of the UK and with heavy snow forecast, most people will be thinking about working from home and not risking a treacherous journey ... more

Baby, it’s cold outside!

With further weather warnings across the UK this week, many employers, schools and other institutions are already feeling the fear – what about the big event we have planned? Its payroll cut ... more

Dispelling the myths of equal pay

Whilst watching BBC Question Time last night and hearing the comments and thoughts on the rights of women in the light of the Tesco equal pay test case I had to put pen to paper…. As an ... more

Severe weather and travel disruption

This weekend we have seen some terrible weather conditions over the West Midlands and other parts of the UK. Over 20cm of snow and freezing conditions have led to many employees not being able to ... more