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Rio 2016 Olympics. Lessons from Euro 2016

Well it’s almost that time again. Hot on the heels of Euro 2016, the Rio Games are almost upon us. Bring on the anticipation, the excitement, the cheer and of course… the “sickness”! You ... more

14 day “self-certification”

Today’s the day that medics at the BMA annual meeting will vote on a motion calling for the “self-certification” period to be extended to 14 days. If this is decided, employees will be able ... more

Holiday Blues

The calculation of holiday pay has been a hot topic in both Europe and the UK over the summer months, and with the announcement of the Employment Appeal Tribunal decision today, the calculation ... more

Shared Parental Leave

The statutory provisions with regard to Share Parental Leave (SPL), introduced by the Children and Families Act 2014, are due to come into force in December 2014 and will apply in relation to ... more

Top 5 Tips For Managing Staff During The World Cup

With the first match due to kick off on Thursday 12 June, employers would be well advised to start preparing for the football fever that will inevitably grip the workplace. Our 5 pre-match tips ... more

Performance Management?

Question: I have an employee who is not performing well enough. What can I do about this? Answer: Performance Management can be one of the most difficult skills for any employer or manager to ... more