We appreciate that HR support needs to be relevant to your workplace. Our service is designed to help employers in all sectors.


Our experience in this field will help you deal with the particular challenges of managing the full range of employees who go to make up a successful school or college. We understand the legal framework in which schools have to work, and the potential roles that local government and trades unions play. With our help you can concentrate on the things that will help you achieve success for you, your employees and your students.

Social and Health Care

Employers in this sector will know all about the importance of regulatory requirements, the potential for problems with employees inherited from the public sector and the need to get HR issues right first time. We understand this sector – from the needs of your organisation to the needs of vulnerable service-users – and can help you with practical advice that will save you time and expense.


Employers in this sector have to move quickly to stay ahead. HR problems can tie managers up when they should be driving your business forward and looking after customers. Our understanding of the problems that can arise in this field will keep your time spent on HR issues to a minimum. We offer you a solutions-based approach that will free you to concentrate on what really matters to you and your business.


Getting HR right in the construction sector can make the difference between delivering work on time and having to deal with an angry customer. Making sure that your documents and procedures are right first time can save you time and money, both valuable commodities for anyone in the construction business. Eagle HR can remove this burden and help you to steer clear of employment problems.


We know that employees in this sector play a vital role in making customers want to come back to you. Having our help when you need to manage employment issues, whether they are routine or more complicated, could help you to create a team of employees who know where they stand with you and who sell your business every time they meet a customer or play their part in your supply chain.

Third Sector

Third Sector employers are by no means immune from HR issues, whether they relate to the status of your workers, their dealings with customers or other third parties, or the problems that can arise between workers who can be amongst the most committed and motivated in the whole labour market. Eagle HR can help you to get the basics right so that your team directs all that commitment towards your goals.