Additional Services

Our experienced HR Business Partners are available to provide you with a range of additional services. All are provided on a fixed-fee basis which enables you to have complete transparency of cost and to budget accordingly.

[wpspoiler name=”Disciplinary & Grievance Investigations” ]

Disciplinary and grievance investigations are complex, time consuming and stressful for all concerned. Although many businesses have the skills available in-house, there can be a problem balancing the need for a manager to handle an investigation with the pressing demands of day to day matters. Using an external investigator will not only assist the business in dealing with the situation quickly and effectively but will also provide an independent perspective in often sensitive situations.

Our experienced Business Partners will approach all investigations with an open mind and non-judgmental manner. They will meet with you to:

  • Discuss the scope of the investigation
  • Conduct Complainant and Respondent interviews
  • Undertake any additional witness interviews
  • Produce a robust report which is factual and evidence-based, with a clear and concise conclusion


[wpspoiler name=”Recruitment & Selection” ]

Recruiting the right person can be a challenge. A new recruit is also typically one of the most expensive resources. We still see businesses making decisions on hiring based on nothing more than the subjective judgment of one person. Yet research indicates that replacing a member of staff costs between 75% and 200% of their salary. And that’s an expensive subjective judgment to make.

By engaging with our experienced Business Partners, who use the right tools and information, we will improve your chances of success. We can provide:

  • Application and CV screening
  • Long list telephone interviews with candidates
  • Interviewing and Interviewer training
  • Development and/or management of assessment centres
  • Psychometric assessment


[wpspoiler name=”Pay & Grading” ]

Many businesses’ pay strategies develop over time as the business grows and the different elements, such as wages or pension tend to be managed separately. It is critical to maximise the value of everything you spend on rewarding your employees and we can assist you to make this happen.

We can:

  • Help you to develop a reward strategy which fits with your business goals
  • Get your base pay levels, pay structures and review process right
  • Conduct employee surveys to inform the design and development of benefit strategies
  • Develop an effective benefit strategy to support your pay strategy
  • Help you to introduce non-financial recognition schemes
  • Develop a communication strategy to engage and promote your total reward package
  • Undertake job evaluation schemes to provide a structured and objective basis for putting jobs into your pay structure in the right place
  • Conduct an equal pay review and action plan, if required, to ensure your grading systems comply with legislation.


[wpspoiler name=”Job Evaluation” ]

Job evaluation provides you with a structured and objective basis for measuring the value and demands of jobs within your business. You need this to establish a fair and transparent pay and grading structure which is compliant with equal pay legislation. Job evaluations also assist you with equality issues by providing unbiased promotion and reward systems.

Our Business Partners can help you to identify the correct scheme for your business, undertake evaluations on your behalf, and build a pay structure which has the flexibility to accommodate all your unique jobs.

In addition, we will be able to conduct an equal pay review and action plan, if required, to ensure your grading and remuneration systems comply with legislation.


[wpspoiler name=”Training Seminars” ]

Whatever your need in the HR arena, whether for an individual or for a whole team, our Business Partners can develop and deliver training solutions to suit your particular requirements.

We can deliver training workshops on a wide range of topics such as:

  • Performance management
  • People management
  • Time management
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Absence management
  • HR processes and issues
  • Workplace investigations


[wpspoiler name=”Change Programmes” ]

As your business grows, as you meet new challenges and strive to succeed, change is inevitable. Whatever changes you need to make – whether it is reducing costs, preparing for a merger or transforming your business, it will always affect your people.

Our experienced Business Partners will work with you to develop and manage your specific change programme, including restructuring, redundancy programmes and the complexities of TUPE.


[wpspoiler name=”Changes to Company Policy & Practises”]

Employment legislation and HR best practice change rapidly. In recent years, the Government has introduced twice-yearly changes and updates to employment law. As an employer you need to be informed about upcoming changes and what they mean for your business.

Our Business Partners offer a full review and update service for all of your employment documents, to make sure they are compliant with up to date legal requirements, including:-

  • Contracts of employment;
  • Staff Handbooks;
  • Policies covering disciplinary matter, grievances, dignity at work, equal opportunities and family friendly rights.

We also offer an ongoing notification service, so we’ll make sure that any new changes you need to know about are brought to your attention quickly, and with guidance about what you need to do.

Whilst having legally compliant policies and documents is essential, making sure your managers and senior staff are familiar with up to date policies and how they should operate is equally important. We provide practical operational training and guidance, bespoke to your policies so that your staff are fully appraised of what they need to do.


[wpspoiler name=”Employment Law”]

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to follow the correct processes and our expert advice, a disgruntled employee will issue an Employment Tribunal claim. Whilst we can help you minimise the risk of this happening to your business, and reduce the prospects of the claim being successful, we can’t ultimately prevent this from happening.

What we can do is make sure you get immediate access to experienced, specialist employment law solicitors and barristers, through our sister company, Harrison Clark LLP.

As a client of Eagle HR, Harrison Clark’s legal advice can be provided to you at preferential hourly rates.

Harrison Clark’s specialist employment lawyers will provide you with a full assessment of the merits of the claim. This includes a litigation strategy and your settlement options. They can manage the case on your behalf by dealing with the Employment Tribunal and the employee or their legal representative, draft documents, represent you in Employment Tribunal hearings and negotiate settlements.