Connected Service

The burden of administration that goes along with employing people is heavy. With pension auto-enrolment, it is set to get even bigger. A simple administration error in issuing a contract of employment, or offer letter, can land you in very hot water. For a modest monthly fee, we can take that headache off you completely. Our specialist, well-trained and carefully supervised team can deal with all your HR administration including:

  • Maintaining all your employee records
  • Receipt and handling of enquires form job applicants and/or recruitment agencies
  • Distribution of application packs as required
  • Collation of job applications
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders Checks
  • Liaison with candidates and/or recruitment agencies
  • Processing of equal opportunity monitoring forms
  • Completion of al new starter administration including:

i Issuing of contracts of employment (in previously agreed template form)
ii Background checks:
1. Employment references (maximum of two)
2. CRB checks (if required)
3. Immigration and Asylum checks

  • Issue and processing of probationary period documentation, if applicable
  • Completion and issuing of any employment contract amendments and related letters
  • Administering pension auto-enrolment
  • Liaison with your payroll and benefit provider
  • Administration of holiday, sickness, absence and family leave
  • Leaver administration including:

i Receipt and acknowledgement of letter of resignation
ii Checking and confirming annual leave entitlement
iii Liaison with payroll provider

  • Issue and processing of exit questionnaires.

Like the Dedicated Service, this is provided on a 2 year renewable contract basis. You pay a fixed monthly fee based on the number of employees you have.