Holiday Entitlements

Under the Working Time Regulations all employees are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks paid annual leave each year, but an employer may choose to increase the number of days an employee is entitled to. This equates to a minimum of 28 days for a full time employee working 5 days per week.

The 5.6 weeks annual leave includes the usual 8 statutory bank holidays in England and Wales.

Part time workers are entitled to the same annual leave entitlement but on a pro-rata basis.

Employers can determine when employees should take their leave, for example, Summer or Christmas shut downs.

An employer can determine their own annual leave year but traditionally many follow the calendar or financial year.

An employee will start to accrue their annual leave entitlement upon commencement of employment and should be paid their normal pay for each annual leave day.

Employees cannot be paid for any accrued, but untaken annual leave, except upon termination of employment. If an employee has not taken all their annual leave during the leave year the employer may allow them to carry forward their leave to the next year.

To access a copy of our Annual Leave Policy template please click here.