Managing Performance and Capability

Performance management is about creating a culture that encourages the continuous improvement of business processes and of individuals’ skills, behaviour and contributions.

Poor performance can be detrimental for a business both in terms of productivity and motivation of its workforce.

In order to manage performance it is essential to have a clear job description which confirms the expectations and performance levels. Regular reviews through 1:1s and appraisals are important in ensuring that an employee’s performance does not fall below par.

At the 1:1s the manager and employee will be able to discuss the employees work load, any issues which are preventing them achieving their objectives and identification of any additional support to training required.

Regular catch ups will enable the manager to pick up any performance issues at an early stage, discuss the reasons with the employee and develop and agree an improvement action plan.

If an employee fails to improve the employer may need to follow the Disciplinary Procedures in order to follow a fair process.

To access a copy of our Performance Management Policy template please click here.