Transformation & Exit

Legal Representation

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to follow the correct processes and our expert advice, you may still receive a claim or notice of legal action, in the form of an Employment Tribunal claim from a disgruntled employee, an Improvement or Prohibition notice, or Formal Investigation from the Health & Safety Executive and/or Local Authority.

Whilst we can help you minimise the risk of this happening to your business, and reduce the prospects of the claim being successful, we can’t ultimately prevent this from happening.

What we can do is make sure you get immediate access to experienced, specialist employment law and regulatory defence solicitors and barristers, through our sister company, Harrison Clark Rickerbys.

As a client of Eagle HR, Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ legal advice can be provided to you at preferential rates.

Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ specialist lawyers will provide you with a full assessment of the merits of the claim. This includes a litigation strategy and your settlement options. They can manage the case on your behalf by dealing with the Employment Tribunal or court and the employee or their legal representative, ACAS, draft documents, represent you in Employment Tribunal hearings and negotiate settlements.

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No employer wants to find themselves in the position of making staff redundancies, and when faced with the decision on what to do in a challenging financial marketplace, it can be hard at times to think clearly on what the business needs now, and further down the line, to provide the best chance of survival and recovery.

We can help you develop a headcount reduction strategy, advise on the procedural steps to be taken to ensure employees receive their legal entitlements and to minimise the risk of Employment Tribunal claims. We can also attend on site with you or on your behalf to deliver the difficult messages to your employees, to ensure that employee relations are maintained. Where appropriate, we can assist with a competitive process for appointment to suitable alternative or newly created positions, should you being looking to restructure your business.

In the event that your business is in a more distressed situation, we can put you in contact with our specialist Insolvency law solicitors, through our sister company, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, who can provide pragmatic advice on the processes available for financial restructuring and recovery.

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Whether it be a resignation or a dismissal, we can guide you through the steps to be taken to transition an employee out of the business.

We can advise on strategy, draft documents and handle disciplinary procedures for you. With our range of HR Advisors and Consultants, we can handle all stages of a disciplinary process from disciplinary investigation, disciplinary hearing and appeal, either beside you as HR Advisor or on your behalf, reporting our recommendations and findings to enable your business to make the decision on the disciplinary sanction to issue.


For businesses involved in mergers and acquisitions, employees are always an important consideration. The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations – TUPE provides what needs to be done in order to be legally compliant when buying or selling a business, or where the provider of a service changes.

We can assist with supporting your business through the requirements to inform and consult with employees and attend on site to carry out these exercises on your behalf.

Should you be considering a business acquisition or sale, we can put you in contact with our specialist Corporate law solicitors, through our sister company, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, who advise on all aspects of business transactions.

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Change Programmes

As your business grows, you meet new challenges and strive to succeed; change is inevitable. Whatever changes you need to make – whether it is reducing costs, preparing for a merger or transforming your business, it will always affect your people.

Our experienced HR Consultants will work with you to develop and manage your specific change programme, including

  • Restructuring
  • Redundancy programmes
  • the complexities of TUPE.

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